The owner of the dog did not even suspect what was hidden underground until he unrolled the white cloth


This incident shocked the entire Chinese Chongqing. One day this woman was walking her dog when she suddenly realized that the dog was gone.

She went in search of a dog that was quickly digging a hole.

And suddenly the unexpected happened. The woman first saw a lump in the hole, and when she approached, she noticed a small newborn child.

The child was crying very hard. And although he was underground, the dog heard his voice and found the baby.

The child was then rushed to the hospital, where he was found to have a rapid heartbeat and low body temperature.

The police are looking for relatives of the baby, but so far without success. Unfortunately, he was found in a rural area where there are no surveillance cameras.

Because the baby was wrapped in a white sheet, it looked like the baby was dead and buried. And without this dog, perhaps the child would not have lived …

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