Instead of vacationing in Bali, this girl decided to save a dog’s life


Taylor had long wanted to go on vacation to Bali, but when she arrived on this beautiful Indonesian island, this meeting changed all her plans.

One day she met this little dog on the way, and she loved him so much that she took him with her․

Unfortunately, after a while the dog felt bad and disappeared. Taylor found him with some difficulty and immediately took the dog to the vet.

After examination, it turned out that the dog was sick, suffering from anemia and in need of constant care. All this was very dear to him.

The girl named the dog Stevie Tix․ Taylor had to return home to complete the paperwork and renew her visa. She was going to go back to Bali and take her dog with her.

But unfortunately, she learned that it is illegal to transport animals from one country to another and that she must do it in her own vehicle.

She first took Stevie to Jakarta. In the Indonesian capital, it was already possible to obtain daily documents and transport the animal to America.

Although the girl spent a lot of money, time, interrupted her vacation for the sake of this dog, she did not regret that she had done so much.

And now the dog already lives with the girl, surrounded by love and care. If it was interesting, please share this with your friends and family.

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