Citizens regularly leave sticks at the feet of a bronze monument to a dog that died 100 years ago


The workers of this cemetery constantly pick up pieces of wood from the grave. They know it’s good and people bring it for this dog.

The dog’s name was Rex, and he died a hundred years ago.

A bronze statue of a dog was placed on the grave, near which the locals always brought and laid firewood. During his life, he was a very faithful dog to his master, and even after his death they were inseparable.

Every time the dog came and stayed near the grave of his master.

All the inhabitants of the city knew him and even put a bronze statue there in his honor. Citizens regularly throw wooden sticks at a dog near the bronze monument.

When photos of Rex were posted on social media, users began to wonder why people keep leaving pieces of wood near the grave.

Some time later, the man commented on the photo and explained that the posts were a tribute to a special dog that grandparents told their grandchildren about.

Families who have lost their pets also come to Rex’s grave and ask for his help for their beloved animals.

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