Kenny finds himself alone at the shelter after all the other dogs have been adopted


The Wayside Waifs once hosted an adoption event at a Kansas City orphanage. He did not expect to receive such support.

The event lasted almost nineteen hours. A large number of people participated.

As a result, 203 different animals were adopted, except for one dog. This poor guy’s name was Kenny.

Employees say that he is very cheerful, friendly, and do not understand why they did not take him.

But nevertheless, Kenny continued to go about his usual business and was pleased with the attention he was given. The orphanage decided to publish information about him to find out if anyone really cares about him.

But Kenny didn’t wait long. Shortly after they learned about the dog’s history, a family wanted to adopt him.

And although the shelter staff were very sad when they saw him go, they are happy that the lonely dog ​​found a home with a loving family.

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