The oldest land animal in the world: the tortoise, which is almost 190 years old


This is Jonathan, the tortoise, which is considered the largest land animal on the planet.

It was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. Researchers believe that he was born in the 1830s.

In 1882 he moved to Saint Helena, one of the British territories. He was then almost 50 years old.

This giant from the Seychelles is in excellent health, he has only minor problems of old age, he has lost his sense of smell and vision, and cannot find food for himself.

She is fed once a week, during which she receives all the necessary vitamins and calories.

Along with all this, he has an excellent memory that distinguishes people’s voices. He loves fruits and vegetables: carrots, apples, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. The food is prepared for him by the chefs of St. Helena.

Jonathan’s life changed when Governor William Gray-Wilson replaced him in 1882. It has had 31 owners in 140 years.

He is called the „local star“. Joe Hollins considers it an honor to care for the oldest land animal. She never imagined that she would ever be able to take care of him.

Before that, the oldest land animal on the planet was Tui Malila, a star tortoise living in Madagascar, who died at the age of 188.

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