A homeless dog comforts a crying girl and becomes her pet


In November 2021, a dog named Picasso discovered the animal shelter.

He was homeless, no one wanted to adopt him, so the staff decided to publish a post about him and look for new owners for the dog.

But the dog didn’t need help. One day he saw a stranger on the street and became his friend. It was 16-year-old Abby, sitting on a bench and crying, and Picasso pulled the volunteer to the girl and began to calm the crying girl.

Abby felt the good energy of this dog and began to love and stroke him, so he relaxed a little and went home with his mother.

She kept thinking about this dog and could not forget her. So she decided to look for a dog and went to the shelter the next day.

When the dog saw the girl, he remembered her and ran to her. The young girl immediately realized that this was Picasso, the dog she was looking for.

Abby does not regret that at such a sad moment she found her best friend.

As a result, she made a good friend and now, when she feels lonely, she knows for sure that there is someone next to her who will help him relax and overcome any difficulties.

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