This homeless man refused to leave his dog lest it die alone


Unfortunately, there are millions of hungry people in the world, and they often see that they are not alone: ​​there is a dog next to them.

A Texas resident draws our attention to the plight of the homeless and their pets with his story. One day he met a homeless man on the street and his dog named Chulo.

When the rescuers found this man, they offered him shelter, but they did not allow him to keep signs there.

And this man asked to take her with him, because he was afraid that the dog would be left alone on the street and would not be able to survive.

They had a special bond with each other, and the Good Neighbor Settlement House also decided to help the dog finally find a family.

Fortunately, the dog quickly moved to his new family.

We hope that the person will already feel comfortable knowing that the dog has a permanent place of residence and that he is safe.

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