Adorable dog can’t believe she finally found a home after 2381 days at the shelter


„Why didn’t you succeed?“ This question has always been asked of the director of the Ohio Humanitarian Society. The question was about this wonderful dog, Higgins.

Everyone was interested in what he was doing, and he left this animal. But Leslie Renner had no intention of leaving him.

He sincerely loved animals, and decided that he must fight to the end. This wonderful dog can’t believe he’s finally found a home after 2381 days at the shelter.

He never gave up and never gave up even though they refused to adopt him. This poor orphan dog wagged his tail every time he saw his potential owner, thinking that maybe this time it would bring him luck.

He was rescued many years ago, hoping that with the help of the staff, he could find a host for him, but no one thought that it would take years.

And the dog was waiting, and the visitors of the shelter were afraid to take him only because he had been there for a long time, and everyone thought that something might be wrong with him.

And finally, years later, young Brandon Lead came to the shelter. It turned out that the boy found out about the history of the dog, then saw his photos and decided that he wanted to take the animal home.

It’s amazing that after 6 and a half years, the dog finally sleeps in a warm bed, eats delicious food, runs on the grass and kisses his beloved owner. The boy wondered why no one wants to take this wonderful dog.

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