Very rare black leopard in India


Anurag Gawande is a 24 year old wildlife photographer. Usually he has been photographing wild animals for several years.

This is the second time he has had the opportunity to see the unique leopard and even take a picture of it!

Encounters with these animals are rare, since only 2 thousand of these individuals live in the world.

He caught this rare beauty while on safari. It was the second time he had met him, but his feelings were the same as the first time.

First, the leopard stepped onto the road, then looked around and quietly crossed the road. The guy was very surprised to see him again, because not everyone is lucky enough to meet them in life.

There are only 2,000 leopards in the world and they live mainly in Southeast Asia.

Their unusual coloration is the result of melanism, in which pigment appears in the animal’s coat. This helps make these predators less visible.

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