Canine saved from fights is now a hero being a fire detection pup


We all know how many difficulties have to go through the stray pets. From time to time it becomes unbelieveable how cruel can a person be towards other living beings.

But here are some positive stories as well that will motivate us to still believe in people‘ morality. While some people can be unbelievably cruel towards our furry friends some of them might act as a hero and do everything just to save them.

This is the story of Hansel. His story is a proof that people can also be very helpful and kind, as the hero of this story gave him a second chance at life. He with 30 other dogs was saved from fighting .

They were sentenced to death. But thanks to many kind people the story of his and lots of other dogs turned into a positive direction.

They got a second chance in society and life. All of them were sent to an animal shelter a nonprofit organization, to be saved.

Hansel got into a special project where he was raised to become a K9 pup. After a long time of trainings he became a arsel detecting dog.

Hansel is the 1st dog of his breed to work as a fire detection officer. He received a special training to determine the gasoline. In 2021 Hansel received an award for working so hard and being such an incredible dog.

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