Meet Augiе that celebrates hеr 20th birthdаy аnd bеcօmеs thе wօrld’s 19th օldеst dog


When we see someone with long life and happy we become even happier. Especially when it comes to pups. Meet Augie, the dog that celebrated her 20th birthday and became the world’s oldest dog.

She now lives with her handlers Steve and Jennifer in Tennessee. She came to this family at the age of 14 from Nevada. That age corresponds to human age of 78.

Usually Golden retrievers live for 10 to12 years and very often get cancer. So her owners were afraid that that would be the same in their case as well.

However after some years it became clear that Augie was very healthy and active dog. It appeared that she was a long-liver.

They didn’t know the real reason of his longevity so they thought that it was the case of genes.

Now it appeared that Augie has some health problems but thanks to timely treatments her condition remains stable.

As Steve mentions Augie might be a little bit slow in some things, but she still loves jumping and relaxing in front of the TV. Augie might become the 19th oldest dog of the world.

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