These young and kind teenagers find a turtle in need and read what they decide to do after that all summer


Five teenagers from Iowa, made the most of their summer break.They did a very brave thing and one-of-a-kind.The Meyer brothers, Cole, and Blake, rode bicycles.

They made the decision to fish.On their way there, they saw a horrible scene.Numerous crushed turtles were discovered on the way.

The incident shocked the kids so much that they looked for other turtles trying to pass the pathway.They were moved to such an extent that they couldn’t leave them and took them in their arms along the road.

During the day, the dedicated men supported the obedient creatures. Soon after, their friends showed up, wanting to help.The other boys are Zakaious Moe, Keygan Hoover, and Kasen Wenzel.

They planned to support the turtles all summer long when they were together. They came back to rescue the animals after the summer to carry on their excellent work.

The turtles probably cross when there are no vehicles on the road.However, there are times when the boys must stop to look for turtles when there is traffic.

The guys have already saved more than 200 turtles.Other motorists will have more patience on the road as a result of these young men’s hard work.

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