Desertion caught on camera: girl threw pup on the street in cold, he tried to catch up with her car


Twilight.The red-clad woman exits the vehicle, retrieves a small dog, and holds it in her arms.She still seems to be carrying it gently and with love in those few seconds.

However, a woman appears in the house’s yard, places her pet in the snow, and quickly leaves. It is likely that the puppy has not yet realized that he has been abandoned.He sprints to the car to return to the cozy interior.

However, the vehicle closes right in front of him, flashes its headlights, begins to turn around, but stops… The dog is running around.The woman exits, but she does not take the dog with her; instead, she returns it to the yard.

The shelter called “Faithful Friend” has a yard like this.It appears that the woman decided to drop off the child.She didn’t realize that a month-old baby would die on a November night until she left it outside in the cold.Or she did?

The “foundling” is already scared, but he doesn’t think he has been killed yet.He pursues the woman once more.He is brought back to the deserted courtyard once more by the woman.

The baby rushes after her once more, but it appears that this time the woman has more willpower and drives off in a car with speed. «The woman leaves the puppy behind in the hope that she will come back to get him.

He freezes, cries, and screams in the video.The shelter’s founder says, “He didn’t even have a place to hide that night because it was windy.”

A volunteer is in charge of a trailer in the yard.He had no idea that just outside the door, a small child with short hair who couldn’t keep him warm was whimpering in resentment and shivering from the cold.

The volunteer’s decision to go to the store was entirely coincidental. On a snowdrift, the weary, frozen puppy huddled.He would have died in two more hours.The shelter’s founder says, “Just to his luck, a man came out.

“The foundling was immediately brought inside by the boy.The small dog was found to be in good health despite spending two hours in the cold.

The dog had no resentment for people;Perhaps he was unaware of what had transpired.

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