The mother tiger came to the hunter for support to rescue her kid


Ivan worked as a forestry hunter. He’d seen a lot of animals in his longer lifespan. He had to also meet an unique Amur tiger.

Amur tigers are pretty uncommon in this area. Ivan was aware that these creatures were mentioned in the Global Red Book and that people who hunt for them was illegal.

The same day, the huntsman was just doing his housework. He had a young family. When he noticed a tigress almost right next to him.

He didn’t carry a firearm with him when he walked out into the garden, despite the fact that the animal could have ripped him to shreds in 3 seconds. The tigress approached with a gentle, quiet stride.

The man started to notice the tigress had an injury and that the lawn was stained with blood.

He actually realised the tigress had been harmed by the unlawful behavior of trophy hunters who are willing to kill unique animals to make money.

The tigress began to look at the huntsman attentively and courteously, like if seeking his protection and assistance. She then suddenly turned around and disappeared into the tundra.

She suddenly appeared after a little while, and not lonely. She was clutching a one-month-old tiger cub in her teeth. She vanished into the tundra after abandoning the tiger cub close the forester’s cottage.

The tiger cub was still blind and required assistance. When the tiger cub gets older, the huntsman intends to release it back into the forest in the taiga.

The tiger cub was bottle-fed for the first period. The tiger cub then moved on to other product lines. The wild tiger cub was raised as a pet. On the hunter’s ranch, he was enjoying his time with kitties and two dogs.

The huntsman developed strong feelings for the tiger cub, whom he decided to name Cupid. A year has gone. The little tiger cub arose into a large and gorgeous tiger, which was soon relocated to the taiga.

There are no real enemies for the Amur tiger. Trophy hunters continue to be the primary adversaries. Tiger skin and bones are used in Chinese medicine because they have healing powers.

They are used to make herbal remedies and elixirs. People kill exotic animals such as the Amur tiger for earning money.

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