A dog filled with milk approaches the saviors and asks them to help the pups


A completely unexpected call was made to the Villalobos Pit Bull Rescue Center in New Orleans, USA.

They were contacted by a supermarket security guard who had seen a very poor, malnourished, and emaciated mother dog in the parking lot.

The woman stated that no one appeared to be aware of the animal’s identity.However, one thing was certain:She had just had puppies, but they were not with her for some reason.

However, where were her infants?Rescue workers set out to locate the infants and the mother as soon as possible.
Finding Mom wasn’t hard at all.A shaky, thin dog approached the group as soon as they arrived.

She was pleasant, but she also seemed a little anxious.In addition, it was evident that she had just given birth.She herself led the group to the nearest residence as soon as the pit bull realized the team’s good intentions.

The man answered the door when it was knocked on.He informed them that his roommate, who is currently behind bars, owns the dog.

The man went on to say that he had been caring for the animal all along.However, the rescuers realized that this man was lying. The dog’s puppies were in the house, but the owner wouldn’t let them go.

As a result, rescuers were only able to save the mother, who was devastated when her children were taken from her.

The rescuers were granted legal permission to return to the house where the puppies were located within a few days.They brought the children to the shelter, where their mother awaited them eagerly.

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