A horse meets his best mate after 4-long years, loses control and goes mad with happiness


Sue who loved these racing horses to the fullest, was their pride.But, she had to make the complicated choice to sell off Arthur because of the difficult times.

But Sue and William and Harry both deeply missed him.Before Sue could to buy back her lovely Arthur, whom she had fostered from a foal, she put in a lot of effort for almost 5 years.

Sue wasn’t sure how Arthur would react to his previous playmates when he came back to his childhood house.

Because the three of them were so young at the time, it was possible that they would have forgotten each other.

But when Harry sees Arthur , Sue’s worries vanish.

William soon follows as the duo makes their way toward one another.Sue was really happy to see her children jumping around in joy, and so are we.

They appeared to pick up where they nuzzle and roll in celebration together.Their stunning reuniting serves as evidence that genuine companionship never dies!

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