Amazingly smart dog saved a kid and used a net to pull his ball out of a pond


The wonderful canine rescued the kid’s life using the net. Using a net, a smart pup pulled a child’s ball out of a pond and saved him from drowning.

Two kids are seen playing in a garden close to a home with their ball going into a pond. And this dogs sits there all relaxed, at the start of the video, the duo tosses toy between them.

The toy is accidentally thrown too far by the girl, who lands it in a fish pond before it goes missing into the water. The little boy hurries to the pool trying to retrieve the ball himself as the baby girl goes to call the mother.

The boy is about to fall headfirst, so the pup quickly reacts and grabs his top with his teeth and pulls him back.

The distraught kid initially resists, but finally yields to observe the dog’s subsequent actions.

The Alsatian uses his mouth to direct the family’s fishing net under the playing ball as he stands on the side of the pond.

He manages to get it out and onto the floor after just little time, then picks it up and hands it to the young boy.The cute boy gives a pat to his dog, felling happy to have his ball back.

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