Wonderful devotion: the canine was carrying a heavy bag with a baby left in the trash


Street pups are known all around the Bangkok, and the locals named them “yard terrier”. But nobody expected them to be that smart and intelligent.

Pugh one of them was wandering all over the streets as always. And once while searching for food in trash bins he heard a sudden and unexpected noise.

He started looking into the trash and found a bag, from which baby’s cry could be heard clearly. He went into the crowded streets carrying the baby in the package and showed it to the person who first met him.

As the man thought it was a trash he didn’t pay any attention. But he opened it to find a baby inside after hearing a squeak!

Thank God the baby survived. Docs say that the kid wouldn’t have survived if brave Pugh hadn’t dragged this knot for some kilometers.Pugh became a real hero as the story quickly spread across the city.

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