Caring rabbit adopted street puppies whose mom got shot: it does everything for them


Margarita once saw a huge hole close to her home.A rabbit burst out of the hole as she got up.The rabbit had vanished from the farm, which was three kms from the village, she discovered.

The rabbit gratefully accepted the treat as the lady started feeding it. He was content with the careless existence of the rabbit in the hole.She noticed a large canine close to the hole once. Long-eared frightened her to death.

But when she noted a pup and a rabbit with each other hiding in there, she was shocked.The lady soon noted all of the pups in the hole when she looked in.

The lady was concerned more.The number of animals in a family has grown.She was now feeding both the puppies and the rabbit at the same time.

The canine didn’t show up one day.The lady later learned that she had been shot.

Long-eared cared the babies following the tragedy.He kept an eye on the puppies and prevented them from exiting the hole. He then licked them and chased away curious cats.

The rabbit prevented the puppies’ deaths in severe frosts by keeping them warm and shielding them from danger.

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