The cute police doggy has first day on work, and her pictures are just too amazing


Meet the sweetest little police officer we’ve ever seen who has just been hired by the Dedham police department, in Massachusetts.

Their new colleague is a lovely Labrador pup who has been hired to help school resource policemen protect Dedham’s teachers and pupils.

The canine’s official name is “Community resource dog,” and in the photos that were posted by the Dedham police department, she made it clear that she was looking forward to her 1st day in her new and vital position.

The puppy had not yet been given an exact title when she started working, so Dedham Middle school students were given the honor of giving her a title on her 1st day.

Her new name, Ruby—a fascinating name for a wonderful girl—was announced after a vote.Ruby is currently putting in a lot of effort in her training so that she can become a valuable asset to the area and the neighborhood.

The Dedham police department stated on their FB page that Ruby will provide the tools necessary to “de-escalate circumstances,” “involved with weak and withdrawn members of the society,”

“communicate with people around suffering from mental issues or depression problems,” “comfort victims and violence witnesses,” and “promote police-society relationships.”

We are confident that this chubby tiny girl will do an excellent job of the crucial work that lies ahead of her.

She’s as of now won the hearts of the local area and everyone is amped up for this sweet new expansion to the power.

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